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A true custom home builder is one that helps you in designing your own dream home! Complete with the specific elements that are part of YOUR dream home, this is very different than a house that someone else is trying to fit you into. So, with Signature Contracting & Property Management, every single home that we build is one-of-a-kind, & unique.  More specifically, we don’t just build luxury homes. We  build homes that are 100% customized to your taste and specifications. These are fundamentally different things that make Signature Contracting a different kind of custom home builder. In fact, we like to consider ourselves your partner, not just your contractor. We are experts when it comes to balancing your wishes with your budget.

With your vision, we can help you design your dream home. Our approach is very simple: We start with your vision, and take it from there. Adding the beautiful design elements and bring it together to a final design & estimate.

You are only limited by your imagination, and your budget. When we are finished, you will have your one-of-a-kind dream home!

Our exceptional custom home team walks you through every phase of building your home, providing the flexibility to change plans as they develop.

Building homes for families all over South Florida has armed us with knowledge to solve problems and offer recommendations on virtually any home, feature, or style.

We can build luxury custom homes within the most desirable communities throughout the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Let’s work together on designing your custom dream home today!


When you choose to design & build a luxury, custom home, you are making a  really big decision. In fact, it’s the type of decision that requires a lot of research & planning before you make it.

Your new custom home is the home you design, not just a home someone is trying to fit you into. At Signature Contracting, you tell us what it is that you want, show us the things that you have always wanted in your one-of-a-kind dream home, and we will we design it together. That is the value of a luxury, custom home builder. Our entire focus is based on what is most important to you, based on your budget.


When you are designing your one-of-a-kind home, with your bucket list and your budget in mind, it isn’t about price per square foot. It’s about thoughts per square foot. That’s a difference only a custom home builder can provide. Signature Contracting is the experienced partner that you need to walk you through designing & building your custom dream home!

There are things about your new custom dream home that mean luxury to you. There are also some things that mean comfort to you. And there are a lot of little things you want just to spoil yourself, right? How can those items be included in a house someone else has designed? Signature Contracting will design your new dream home exactly the way you want it.

That’s the difference between luxury and custom. Instead of telling you what the plan is, we ask you, we ask you, “What’s your plan?”

That’s because Signature Contracting is both luxury AND custom.

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